About Optical Simulation

In order to meet the various requirements of our customers, we possess several in-house optical simulation technologies.
In addition, we are constantly developing simulation technologies to realize state-of-the-art optical elements.
Here is an example.

Optical Multilayer Simulation

Simulation results of transmittance and reflectance of optical multilayers.
They are the key to the accuracy of our photonic crystal products.
(Matrix Calculation)


Wave Simulation

Simulates the behavior of light, which is a wave.
It is essential for the design of photonic crystals.
(Beam propagation method, FDTD method)

Polarization Simulation

Simulates the state of polarization.
This technique is indispensable for calibration of birefringence measurement systems and ellipsometers, and analysis of measurement results.
(Stokes vector, Jones vector)

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