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Photonic Lattice, Inc.

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Company Name Photonic Lattice, Inc.

Business Field
•Manufacturing, sales, design, R&D of photonic crystals

•Development, manufacture, sales of optical measurement systems
(polarization measurement systems, high-speed polarization camera,
high-speed infrared camera, etc)
•Commissioned measurement service

LABO CITY SENDAI, 6-6-3 Minami-Yoshinari, Aoba-Ku, Sendai-City, Miyagi 989-3204, Japan
[Tokyo office]
21F, Jinbocho Mitsui Bldg, 1-105 Kanda Jimbocho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051 Japan

Founded July 4, 2002
Capitalization 90,000,000 JPY, Capital reserve: 53,000,000 JPY

Management Team

Representative Director, President Takashi ONUMA
Senior Executive Director/CTO Takashi SATO
Director Yoshihiko INOUE
Director Takayuki KAWASHIMA
Director(part-time) Takashi TAKIMIZU
Director(part-time) Masami SAKAGUCHI
Auditor(part-time) Hidemichi TAKAHATA
Founder Shojiro KAWAKAMI
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation/ Tokyo-Chuo Branch
Photonic Lattice, Inc.


Message from the President

Since its establishment in 2002 as a venture company from Tohoku University, Photonic Lattice, Inc. has been expanding its business based on unique optical technology.

We design and manufacture photonic crystals, our core competence, for optical measurement and control applications.
We also develop and sell application products such as polarization imaging systems, polarization measurement systems, and infrared spectroscopy systems, which are based on our optical technology, in collaboration with our parent company, PHOTRON LIMITED.

We have introduced our products to various customers such as universities, research institutes, and manufacturing companies in Japan and overseas, and have been working to contribute to the achievement of cutting-edge research and improvement of production efficiency.

With a spirit of sincerity, we will continue to pursue the possibilities of “Optics” with our unique technologies and meet the potential problems and expectations of our customers.

We also value “co-creation” and “symbiosis” in order to create new values that cannot be achieved by ourselves by actively engaging in various technological and regional exchanges.

All of us will make every effort to continue to grow as a global company from Sendai City in the Tohoku region.

Your support and your cooperation is welcome and will always be highly appreciated, as our relation with our partners is at the core of our activities.


Representative Director, President Takashi ONUMA

Representative Director, President
Takashi ONUMA

Co-Creation (Founders Message)

Photonic Lattice, Inc. was founded to develop new photonic crystal products with the goal of expanding the functionalities of optical systems in a broad number of industries. Our core strength is in our process technology which enables formation of arbitrarily shaped micro-polarizers and micro-waveplates onto inorganic substrates. It is our desire to deliver integrated optical devices which can be used to advance the performance of current optical systems.

The first significant commercialization program of Photonic Lattices was the development and manufacturing of 2D measurement equipment systems. The “eye” of such systems consists of a patterned photonic crystal, a device innovated by Photonic Lattice. As Photonic Lattice wishes to make our core photonic crystal technology available to more industries, we have recently started a new business line: design and fabrication of special-purpose photonic crystal chips. A few industries which already benefit from such innovative chips include optical communications (polarization multiplexing), semiconductor wafer inspection (DUV inspection systems), and laser machining. Our photonic crystal products play essential roles in each of these fields and allow our customers, who are top-tier technology companies, to differentiate their product lines from competition.

In different branches of optics, our customers have ambitions to create new functions in their product offerings. It is our goal to help our customers to achieve their goals by mutually engaging with them in product design and fabrication. To add a few words about our technology, our products are formed by sputtering techniques which are inherently rugged and reliable. By selecting appropriate materials, we can provide products which extend from the DUV through the infrared spectra. Our materials have been confirmed to withstand high power laser light and therefore can be safely used in demanding environments. It is our hope that we can continue to expand our technologies into new application areas and build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Founder, Shojiro KAWAKAMI


A company focused on LIGHT

Management philosophy

We take pleasure in creating customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality optical content that exceeds customer expectations and needs, and we are committed to contribute to the development of social infrastructure and cutting-edge manufacturing fields.
In addition, we value the spirit of “co-creation” and “symbiosis,” in which we create even greater value together with diverse people, technologies, and communities by becoming a company that customers can rely on through the pursuit of unique technologies and expertise.

Photonic Lattice, Inc.

Environment/Quality policy

Environment policy

  • We will strive to promote sustainable resource and energy conservation, reduce waste, prevent pollution, use sustainable resources, adapt to climate change mitigation, and protect biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • We will achieve customer satisfaction by providing environmentally friendly products and promoting operational efficiency.
  • We will comply with the laws, regulations and ordinances of the national and local governments.
  • We will meet the requirements of our quality / environmental management system, make continuous improvements, and provide a framework for achieving our goals.
  • We will inform all employees of this environmental policy, implement, and maintain it with full understanding and cooperation.

Quality policy

  • We will endeavor to provide products, services, and business activities from the customer’s point of view, and all employees will work together to maintain and improve the quality of the products, and improve the operational efficiency to benefit the customer.
  • In providing new products, services, and business activities, we will thoroughly comply with legal  requirements, adhere to high safety  standards, and continuously conduct reliability evaluations, to achieve customer satisfaction with high quality.
  • By constantly pursuing cutting-edge optical technologies and creating new market value, we will contribute to the realization of a safe, secure, and comfortable society.


Photonic Lattice, Inc.

Corporate history

Photonic Lattice History

The Company’s core technology “Technology for preparing photonic crystal by auto-cloning” was invented by S. Kawakami in Research Institute of Electrical Communication of Tohoku university.
Photonic Lattice, Inc. was established. S. Kawakami took up a post as the president and CEO.
The Company’s preparations started at NICHe of Tohoku university.
The Company realized a capital increase from 3 venture capital investors.
The central office was moved to Aoba Incubation Square (Aoba-ku, Sendai city). The Company kicked off business pursuits.
Polarization imaging camera PI-100 with the photonic crystals was released.
The Company realized a capital increase from two venture capital investors and two companies.
Birefringence measurement system WPA-100 was released.
Photonic crystal optical elements were identified as “Miyagi sugure MONO”.
The Company was affected by The Great East Japan Earthquake. K. Kishida took up a post as the president and CEO. The central office was moved to Minami-Yoshinari, Aoba-ku, Sendai city.
The Company received ISO9001.
Five new products were released.
The Company won the Inoue Harushige Prize.
T. Sato took up a post as the president and CEO.
Birefringence measurement system WPA-200 was identified as “Miyagi sugure MONO”.
Capital decreased to 90 million yen and capital reserve changed to 53 million yen.
The Company received ISO14001.
The name of the building changes to “LABO CITY SENDAI”.
Photonic Lattice, Inc. joined the group of PHOTRON LIMITED, our joint development partner.
Takashi ONUMA took up a post as Representative Director, President.
Photonic Lattice, Inc., inherited the optical measurement business of Photron Limited.
Photonic Lattice, Inc.


Photonic Lattice, Inc.
LABO CITY SENDAI, 6-6-3 Minami-Yoshinari, Aoba-ku Sendai city, Miyagi,
989-3204 JAPAN
Phone +81-22-342-8781

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