Environment policy

  • We will strive to promote sustainable resource and energy conservation, reduce waste, prevent pollution, use sustainable resources, adapt to climate change mitigation, and protect biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • We will achieve customer satisfaction by providing environmentally friendly products and promoting operational efficiency.
  • We will comply with the laws, regulations and ordinances of the national and local governments.
  • We will continue our efforts to properly manage chemical substances contained in our products and to reduce the risks they pose to human health and the environment.
  • We will meet the requirements of our quality / environmental management system, make continuous improvements, and provide a framework for achieving our goals.
  • We will inform all employees of this environmental policy, implement, and maintain it with full understanding and cooperation.

Quality policy

  • We will endeavor to provide products, services, and business activities from the customer’s point of view, and all employees will work together to maintain and improve the quality of the products, and improve the operational efficiency to benefit the customer.
  • In providing new products, services, and business activities, we will thoroughly comply with legal requirements, adhere to high safety standards, and continuously conduct reliability evaluations, to achieve customer satisfaction with high quality.
  • By constantly pursuing cutting-edge optical technologies and creating new market value, we will contribute to the realization of a safe, secure, and comfortable society.