We propose an infrared R&D measurement system based on the world’s highest class high-speed and high-sensitivity infrared camera technology. It is suitable for various new applications such as high-speed temperature measurement, CO2 gas visualization, or welding temperature analysis.

Laser Welding Visualization and Measurement

Visualization of CO2 gas

Visualization of momentary temperature changes

With our cooled infrared high-speed camera, thermal noise is reduced to the utmost limit by cooling the image sensor to -190°C, enabling high-precision, high-speed thermal imaging measurements, that have been difficult to achieve in the past.

This makes it possible to accurately measure high-speed phenomena, such as the temperature rise at the moment of breakage in a tensile test, the temperature rise of a workpiece during laser processing, or the temperature measurement of a high-speed moving object. Also, by detecting extremely small temperature changes with high precision, it is possible to evaluate, for example, the temperature rise of a semiconductor chip during operation or temperature irregularities in a liquid during temperature rise.


Visualization of CO2 gas

By visualizing invisible gases such as CO2, methane, ethane, ethanol, toluene, etc., one could detect and quantify leakages from pipes, exhalation flow, or characterize bare air flow using CO2; gas as an inexpensive tracer.

A particular concern when visualizing CO2 is that it is generally difficult to distinguish from water vapor.
On the other hand, CO2 cameras can discriminate gases by spectrally filtering infrared absorption at specific wavelengths.
In the 4.3 micron wavelength band, CO2 is much more absorptive than water vapor, so this concern can be overcome.


X6981 SLS / X6901sc SLS

The FLIR X6981 SLS / X6901sc SLS is an extraordinarily fast, highly sensitive LWIR camera designed for scientists, researchers, and engineers. The strained layer superlattice (SLS) detector offers shorter snapshot speeds, wider temperature bands, and better uniformity than current LWIR or MWIR alternatives.


X6981 / X6901 / X6901sc

The FLIR X6981 / X6901 / X6901sc is an extraordinarily fast, highly sensitive MWIR camera designed for scientists, researchers, and engineers. With advanced triggering, on-camera RAM/SSD recording, and a four-position motorized filter wheel, this camera offers the functionality to stop motion on high speed events, whether they’re in the lab or on the test range.



The FLIR X8501 is a highly sensitive, high-speed, high definition MWIR camera designed for scientists, researchers, and engineers. It has all the features needed for research and science: from on-camera RAM/SSD recording to a four-position motorized flter wheel.



FLIR A8581 MWIR cameras provide the crisp imagery, accurate temperature measurement, and streamlined analysis features needed for industrial, military, and manufacturing R&D applications.



The FLIR A6751 MWIR camera offers short exposure times and high-speed windowed frame rates, making it an ideal choice for recording rapid thermal events and fast-moving targets. Freeze motion or achieve accurate temperature measurements on moving subjects, and perform a variety of non-destructive testing with this cooled InSb camera.



Designed for electronics inspections, manufacturing monitoring, scientific research, and non-destructive testing, the FLIR A6701 MWIR camera is ideal for high-speed thermal events and fast-moving targets. Short exposure times allow users to freeze motion and achieve accurate temperature measurements.



A6261 offers superior sensitivity and dynamic range paired with the flexibility of customized windowing and integration times. This InGaAs camera is very linear in the 0.9 to 1.7 µm sensing waveband, making it the perfect tool for high temperature thermal measurements and applications that require measuring through standard glass.


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