Surface temperature analysis of transparent resin and film

Middle infrared camera for analysis of surface temperature irregularities of transparent film

Uncooled microbolometers, known as general thermal imaging cameras, are typical and inexpensive non-contact temperature measurement devices. However, when measuring the temperature of a thin, transparent object such as a film, it is impossible to accurately measure temperature irregularities due to the large influence of external temperature disturbances such as peripheral equipment.

On the other hand, a cooled infrared camera, which is a high-performance product, can be customized specifically for the object, for example, by selecting and measuring only those wavelengths that the film does not transmit.
The movie shows an example of visualizing temperature irregularities on the surface of various films, of different materials and thicknesses, such as PC, TAC, and PET. Heat is transmitted from a roll, which is a heated metal pillar. For each film, differences in thermal conductivity characteristics and contact area can be seen.

By examining the temperature irregularities of transparent film at the production site, a thing that could not be achieved in the past, it is now possible to optimize and control more accurately the parameters of the production.

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