Enables dynamic interferometric measurements of ultrafast phenomena

Case Study of Sound Field Imaging: Propagation of 40kHz Sound Waves

Shooting speed: 100,000 FPS
Sound pressure: >110 dB

Historically, interferometers have mainly targeted static objects. However, there has been an increasing demand for non-destructive, non-contact measurement and visualization technologies for dynamic objects, for which we developed our own interferometric system, “CRYSTA Phase Optics”. It comes with its control software “CRYSTA Phase Viewer” and a software for analysis of interference patterns: “CRYSTA Phase Analysis”.

Key Differences with Conventional Interferometers

To measure the shape of an object, indirectly measured as surface “phase”, with an interferometer, we traditionally use a reference surface whose position needs to be adjusted during the measurement, making the whole process not suitable for moving objects, especially at high speeds.

Conventional interferometer outline

We have developed a new interferometer using high-speed imaging electronics, capable of one-shot measurement, by adding the element of “polarization,” suppressing the need for reference plane adjustment.

Case Study of Sound Field Imaging:   Real-Time Visualization of the Sound Propagating from Castanets

Shooting speed: 100,000 FPS

At the moment of the impact, we can see a strong, high-frequency spike (very narrow blue stripe near the impact zone) in the distribution.

After a few milliseconds, the frequency gradually decreases (stripe getting wider while propagating from the impact zone) and the wave decays.

Optical System Outline


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