Sound field measurement

Since sound changes the coarseness and density of air, the spatial propagation of sound can be visualized by capturing high-speed images of spatial phase changes with this system.

  • Obtained phase information is a relative sound pressure value, enabling analysis of the spatial propagation of sound.
  • Extended shooting distance (7m), the acoustic effect is measured without disturbance from the device itself
  • A single camera can measure sounds in various frequency bands
  • High signal-to-noise ratio of sound field reproduction is realized by algorithms specialized in sound fields analysis

In contrast to conventional point measurements using microphones, laser displacement meters, and any other sound pressure measurement devices, the use of high-speed camera sensitive to polarized light allows to expand the field of applications to 2D measurements, including direct visualization of acoustic fields and various phenomena associated with it.
In addition, quantitative measurement, which has been difficult with traditional Schlieren optics, can be achieved with higher reproducibility.

With a minimal exposure time of less than 1 μsec, the performance of this system allows to catch sound waves flying through the air at 340m/s without blurring.

Visualization of castanet percussion sound at 100,000FPS
Joint research with Professor OIKAWA Yasuhiro (WASEDA University Faculty of Science and Engineering, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering)

Other Measurement Examples

Combustion process of a candle
Quantifying micro density changes difficult to measure with Schlieren optics

Pressure distribution after ignition and explosion
Useful for quantitative and dynamic 2-dimensional dense gas measurement for engine R&D

Tracer-free flow measurement
Visualization of transparent gas flow without tracers

Nano Vibration Shape Measurement
Measurement of surface topography of thin films and optical lenses at nano-order precision

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