About Special Image Sensor Manufacturing Technology

There are an increasing number of applications that are different from those of conventional image sensors. Examples include obstacle detection in the automatic driving function of EVs and spectroscopic inspection in cellular testing. We possess the manufacturing technology to connect micro-scale optical elements to image sensor pixels to realize high-value-added image sensors. For example, we can provide special image sensors to the market after understanding the optical performance of micro optical element arrays, considering the best connection conditions that can maintain the performance as much as possible, making prototypes, and establishing our own mass production process.

Electron micrograph of a micro-polarizer for polarization image sensor

Photograph of a polarized high-speed image sensor

An example using this technology is a polarization high-speed image sensor. By connecting a micro-scale linear polarization element with different axis directions and a high-speed CMOS image sensor with a parallel readout circuit, we have developed a special image sensor that can capture polarization phenomena at high speed and in two dimensions. This sensor has been utilized to visualization and control of phenomena that are difficult with conventional CMOS image sensors, such as optimization of cutting conditions by analyzing stress distribution during cutting, or improvement of the acoustic effect of ultrasonic sonar by visualizing sound transmitted through space.

Thus, we always have interests in improving the optical performance of image sensors, and are constantly conducting technological researches.

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