Observation of internal structural changes in fluids

High-speed camera for measuring flow field and residual stress in resin molding.

Niigata University , Institute for Research Promotion Center for Transdisciplinary Research , Assistant Professor, SATO Taisuke

In polymer fluids, such as plastic melts, the orientation of polymers changes significantly as they flow, and the quality of molded products is strongly influenced by the orientation state of its polymers. It is very important to know the orientation mechanism of polymers and its relation with flow. Flow birefringence measurement has been used as a powerful method for this purpose. However, it has been technically very difficult to obtain birefringence and orientation information both real-time and as a surface (2-D) measurement.

The photo shows an experimental scene in which the flow birefringence field a microfluidic channel is obtained by CRYSTA.
In the case of CRYSTA, measurement can be performed simply by placing a sample between the light source and CRYSTA. Furthermore, the stress field can be evaluated from the birefringence distribution.
CRYSTA is an thriving device that not only solves the above-mentioned technical problems but also lowers the threshold for birefringence measurement.

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