About Us

Company Name

Photonic Lattice, Inc.

Business Field
  • Manufacturing, sales, design, R&D of photonic crystals
  • Development, manufacture, sales of optical measurement systems
    (polarization measurement systems, high-speed polarization camera,
    high-speed infrared camera, etc)
  • Commissioned measurement service
Head office
LABO CITY SENDAI, 6-6-3 Minami-Yoshinari, Aoba-Ku, Sendai-City, Miyagi 989-3204, Japan 
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TEL. 022-342-8781 022-342-8781  
FAX .022-342-8782
Optics Lab.
Shinagawa Production Center, IMAGICA Lab. 3-13-6 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002, Japan 
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TEL. 090-4408-4354 090-4408-4354
Tokyo office
21F, Jinbocho Mitsui Bldg, 1-105 Kanda Jimbocho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051 Japan 
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TEL. 03-5281-0073 03-5281-0073

July 4, 2002


90,000,000 JPY, Capital reserve: 53,000,000 JPY

Management Team
  • Representative Director, President Takashi ONUMA
  • Senior Executive Director/CTO Takashi SATO
  • Director Yoshihiko INOUE
  • Director Takayuki KAWASHIMA
  • Director(part-time) Takashi TAKIMIZU(PHOTRON LIMITED)
  • Director(part-time) Masami SAKAGUCHI(PHOTRON LIMITED)
  • Director(part-time) Eiji UMEDA(PHOTRON LIMITED)
  • Auditor(part-time) Hidemichi TAKAHATA(PHOTRON LIMITED)
  • Founder Shojiro KAWAKAMI

Corporate History


The Company’s core technology “Technology for preparing photonic crystal by auto-cloning” was invented by S. Kawakami in Research Institute of Electrical Communication of Tohoku university.


Photonic Lattice, Inc. was established. S. Kawakami took up a post as the president and CEO.
Company started limited operation while building up core technologies at NICHe of Tohoku university.


The Company realized a capital increase from 3 venture capital investors.


The central office was moved to Aoba Incubation Square (Aoba-ku, Sendai city). The Company kicked off business pursuits.


Polarization imaging camera PI-100 with the photonic crystals was released.


The Company realized a capital increase from two venture capital investors and two companies.


Birefringence measurement system WPA-100 was released.
Photonic crystal optical elements were identified as “Miyagi sugure MONO”.


The Company was affected by The Great East Japan Earthquake. Kishida took up a post as the president and CEO. The central office was moved to Minami-Yoshinari, Aoba-ku, Sendai city.


The Company received ISO9001.


Five new products were released.


The Company won the Inoue Harushige Prize.
T. Sato took up a post as the president and CEO.


Birefringence measurement system WPA-200 was identified as “Miyagi sugure MONO”.


Capital decreased to 90 million yen and capital reserve changed to 53 million yen.


The name of the building changes to “LABO CITY SENDAI”.


Photonic Lattice, Inc. joined the group of PHOTRON LIMITED, our joint development partner.


Takashi ONUMA took up a post as Representative Director, President.


Photonic Lattice, Inc., inherited the optical measurement business of PHOTRON LIMITED.