High-speed, non-destructive, high-accuracy measurement of thin film thickness & refractive index at high resolution is now possible.
We support quality management and process control with unprecedented data volume and software functionalities adaptable to your needs.


High-speed evaluation of full area wafers (up to 12 inch).
Using an unprecedented amount of data, you can provide feedback to your troubleshooting process and bring your quality control to a new level.

・Thickness measurement upgraded from “point” to full-fledged “surface” evaluation
・Whole surface evaluation provides great insights for process evaluation


In addition to its large surface measurement capabilities of wafers up to 12 inches, the ME-210(-T) provides a high-resolution mode, allowing zooming into areas as small as a few micrometers.
Measurement area size: up to 12 inches (standard: 8 inches)
Spot size:
Standard mode : □ 0.55 mm
Intermediate mode: □ 55μm
High-resolution mode: □ 5.5μm

Thin film of transparent substrate measurements available

With ME-210-T, we made possible the evaluation of objects that are usually too difficult to evaluate using standard ellipsometric techniques, such as organic thin films for OLED, etc.

Simple & compact

This compact point measurement system provides high-accuracy and high-repeatability thin film measurements.
Its detachable head can be used as a separate module to integrate into your manufacturing infrastructure.