Greenhouse Gas Visualization Technology Contributing to a Carbon-Free Society

Carbon dioxide/nitrogen imaging, ultra-high sensitivity, system design tailored to spectral characteristics

Toward a carbon-neutral society, there is an ever-increasing need for high-precision CO2 detection and visualization technology. However, general CO2 detection sensors are basically unsuitable for point measurement and instantaneous evaluation, making them difficult to use for evaluating CO2 gas generation, leakage, and absorption.

High-precision infrared cameras with cooled sensors are used as a solution to this problem. This technology enables CO2 detection with high sensitivity, even in applications where normal infrared cameras tend to lack sensitivity. Furthermore, the selection of the wavelength filter according to the gas type and the unique technology of cooling the wavelength filter itself enable imaging evaluation with high sensitivity and high speed.
Based on our extensive evaluation experience, we can propose effective evaluation methods in various situations and provide demonstration measurements and paid measurements.

This system can be used for air flow evaluation inside various equipment, gas leak detection, and visualization and evaluation of CO2 concentration changes caused by plants, bio-materials, CO2 absorbing concrete, etc.

  • Visualization of leaks in CO2 storage facilities
  • Visualization of CO2 in agricultural greenhouses
  • Breath Visualization
  • Visualization of leakage from sealed containers
  • Visualization of CO2 in medical equipment


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