High-speed infrared camera


A6261 offers superior sensitivity and dynamic range paired with the flexibility of customized windowing and integration times. This InGaAs camera is very linear in the 0.9 to 1.7 µm sensing waveband, making it the perfect tool for high temperature thermal measurements and applications that require measuring through standard glass.

Spectral Range
  • NIR 0.9 ~ 1.7μm
Detector Type
  • InGaAs, 15 μm pitch
  • Micro Moisture, Adhesive visualization, High temperature analysis through glass
Pixel Resolution
  • 640 x 512
Frame Rate
  • Maximum Pixel:180 fps @ 640 x 512 pixel
    Maximum speed:25,600 fps @ 32 x 4 pixel
Integration Time
  • Temperature measurement from 400°C and above.
  • Please contact us.
Temperature Range
  • Standard:400 ~ 1,200 ℃
    Optional:Max 2,500 ℃
Sensor Cooling
  • Single Stage TE Cooler
Available Lenses
  • C-mount lens support 16/25/50/100mm

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