Elucidation of heat phenomena in machining processes

High-speed thermography, high-sensitivity algorithms, cooled sensors, unique systems

Temperature measurement is one of the measurement techniques indispensable for many analyses, such as the evaluation of heat generation or the relationship between temperature and various phenomena.

There are various methods for temperature measurement, which can be broadly classified into two types: one is to directly contact the object to be measured with a thermocouple, etc., and the other is to measure the thermal radiation by a non-contact optical infrared camera.

The latter has the advantage of being able to measure the 2-D distribution of the temperature of the object being measured, but conventional infrared cameras are strongly affected by thermal noise, making it difficult to achieve both accuracy and high speed. In addition, accurate temperature measurement requires correct management and know-how of the infrared camera itself and the measurement method, such as a correct calibration process taking into account the emissivity of the object to be measured.

With our cooled infrared high-speed camera, thermal noise is reduced to the utmost limit by cooling the image sensor to -190°C, enabling high-precision, high-speed thermal imaging measurements, that have been difficult to achieve in the past.

This makes it possible to accurately measure high-speed phenomena, such as the temperature rise at the moment of breakage in a tensile test, the temperature rise of a workpiece during laser processing, or the temperature measurement of a high-speed moving object. Also, by detecting extremely small temperature changes with high precision, it is possible to evaluate, for example, the temperature rise of a semiconductor chip during operation or temperature irregularities in a liquid during temperature rise. Furthermore, we have a wealth of evaluation experience and can propose evaluation methods that enable effective temperature measurement, as well as provide demonstration measurements using actual equipment and paid measurement services.

Try our cooled infrared camera to access high accuracy, high-speed temperature measurement, something that has been out of reach with usual thermography.

Case Study Video

This movie shows a golf ball bouncing in 60°C hot water.

With one of our special infrared cameras for R&D (on the left,) the temperature is correctly recorded as being stationary, without being influenced by the bouncing of the ball.

On the other hand, a general-purpose thermal imaging camera (on the right) produces smear and the temperature seems to fluctuate (which is not) with the motion of the ball, resulting in incorrect temperature readings.

Therefore, our infrared cameras for R&D are indispensable when measuring temperatures of moving objects or phenomena causing steep temperature changes.


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