High-speed infrared camera


The FLIR A6751 MWIR camera offers short exposure times and high-speed windowed frame rates, making it an ideal choice for recording rapid thermal events and fast-moving targets. Freeze motion or achieve accurate temperature measurements on moving subjects, and perform a variety of non-destructive testing with this cooled InSb camera. The 327,680 (640 x 512) pixel IR resolution and high sensitivity produce crisp imagery, well suited to electronics inspections, scientific research, and more.

Spectral Range
  • MWIR 3.0 ~ 5.0μm
Detector Type
  • InGaAs, 15 μm pitch
  • Highly sensitive and fast temperature analysis, welding and cutting, engine design, rotating body temperature
Pixel Resolution
  • 640 x 512
Frame Rate
  • Maximum Pixel:125 fps @ 640 x 512 pixel
    Maximum speed:4,000 fps @ 16 x 4 pixel
Integration Time
  • Approx. 2.5 ms
  • < 0.020℃
Temperature Range
  • Standard:-20 ~ 350 ℃
    Optional: Max 3,000 ℃
Sensor Cooling
  • Sterling cooler( -190 ℃ or below)
  • Dedicated Lenses , Close-up ring support 17/25/50/100/200mm(macro observation),
    1x objective / 3x objective (micro-observation)

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