Visualization of CO2 gas

By visualizing invisible gases such as CO2, methane, ethane, ethanol, toluene, etc., one could detect and quantify leakages from pipes, exhalation flow, or characterize bare air flow using CO2; gas as an inexpensive tracer.

A particular concern when visualizing CO2 is that it is generally difficult to distinguish from water vapor.
On the other hand, CO2 cameras can discriminate gases by spectrally filtering infrared absorption at specific wavelengths.
In the 4.3 micron wavelength band, CO2 is much more absorptive than water vapor, so this concern can be overcome.

CO2 cameras are equipped with a cooled sensor which has unparalleled sensitivity.
It can detect small gas leaks from several meters away, large gas leaks from several hundred meters away, and gas leaks from moving transport vehicles such as tanker trucks, cargo ships, and freight trains.

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