Example visualization & measurement of laser welding (1)

Example visualization & measurement of laser welding (2)
(Synchronized with high-speed camera manufactured by PHOTRON: visible + infrared images)

Non-contact temperature measurement is possible for short time welding processes over a wide range of temperatures (from room temperature to 2000°C).

Our systems are particularly suited to a wide range of applications, including those listed below.

  • Melting and cooling process of molten pool
  • Analysis of conditions to eliminate spatter
  • Improvement of quality defects in peripheral areas due to instantaneous heat conduction
  • Measurement of low temperature range, which has been particularly difficult with conventional measurement methods

We can provide system proposals and demonstrations, including optical systems and camera selection.
In addition, by synchronized shooting with our high-speed camera, blending of visible light image with thermal image can be performed, enabling intuitive visualization to understand the thermal changes in the weld shape during welding.

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