High-speed Polarization Camera


For polarized light object recognition/inspection/OEM

Polarization image processing system

Compact design
Direct recording to PC memory
SDK for embedded development included

System features
  • Real-time data transfer to PC memory. SDK included
Image sensor
  • Polarization high-speed image sensor
  • Wave plate + Linear polarizer
Polarization operating wavelength
  • 520~570nm
Bit depth
  • A/D 12bit
Maximum resolution
*monochrome image
  • 848 × 680pixels
Maximum resolution
*polarization image
  • 424 × 340pixels
    *Resolution for polarization analysis with Photron software.
Frame rate
*with maximum resolution
  • 15 ~ 250fps
Maximum frame rate
  • 10,000fps
Minimum exposure time
  • 2,893nsec
Lens mount
  • C mount
Digital interface
  • PCI Express
Save data format
  • RAW, AVI, BMP, CSV, & Other
    *Saved data formats depend on the software used. Please contact us for detailed information.
AC power supply voltage
  • 110V
    *200V option available
AC power supply frequency
  • 50 ~ 60Hz
AC power consumption
  • 600VA
    *including control PC
DC power supply voltage
  • 12V
DC power consumption
  • 20VA
Memory size
  • 32GB
Recording time
  • 11.46sec
    *recording at 250fps
External Dimensions of camera head
(W x D x H)
  • 74.4 × 62.35 × 74.5mm
Weight of camera head
  • 0.48Kg
Camera cable length
  • 5m, 15m
Trigger input
  • Selectable TTL 5V, Switch closure and software trigger

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