Photonic Crystal Polarizing Optical Components

Half-Mirror Polarizer for Laser Cavity

Reflectivity for each polarization can be tuned separately. As a half-mirror in a laser resonance cavity, the element is used to generate and select the output polarization of the laser. Because of its inorganic nature, the element can withstand very high optical power.
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Operating wavelength
  • 250-1600 nm
    (One wavelength, in the range above)
(of the transmitted polarization)
  • ≧ 90% ※ Valid within the ±1% band around nominal operating wavelength (customizable)
(of the reflected polariation)
  • Any custom value ± 10%
  • 0.5 or 1 mm
Damage threshold
  • 10mW / 100 μm2 @ λ=355nm (typical)

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