Ultra fast Fizeau interferometer “DELTAPH”

Ultra fast Fizeau interferometer “DELTAPH”

The state of the art interferometer “DELTAPH” sustained by our unique High speed polarization camera “CRYSTA”. The system can measure phase shift image from one snapshot fringe image without mechanical scanning. Its high-speed and real-time capabilities allow the evaluation of fast-moving dynamic phenomena.

Model name
  • Ultra fast Fizeau interferometer “DELTAPH”
Aperture size / Field of View
  • 50mm dia. / FOV 40mm dia.
    100mm dia. / FOV 80 mm dia.
Phase analysis mode
  • Fast and high accuracy mode
Soundfield analysis
  • HEFS algorizm and Time filter
Max. distance between the body and reference mirror
  • 7m
Measurement wavelength
  • 532nm
Phase image resolution
  • 512×512pixels
Frame rate / Phase image resolution
  • 7,000 fps / 512 x 512 pixels
    100,000 fps / 160×96 pixels
    210,000 fps / 128 x 72 pixels (Max. frame rate for type "200K")
    Max. 1,550,000 fps / 64 x 8 pixels
Min. exposure time
  • 369nsec
    1usec (type 200K)
Recordable frames
  • 21,841 frames @full resolution(12bit)
  • Software trigger or TTL signal or Contact inout
External dimension
  • approx. 250(H) x 750(W) x >1,100(D) mm, Excluding protrusions
  • approx. 60 kg
External signal input
  • 100 - 240V AC, 50/60 Hz, < 280VA

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