In-line/off-line mapping-type birefringence measurement system


Partial inspection and evaluation on prototype line

KAMAKIRI MEM-LS can measure and inspect the part of the line you want to see with one camera and the part in the width direction of the film in-line, just like a sampling inspection.
As a result, the sampling inspection time is shortened, the production of defective products can be stopped quickly, and the yield can be expected to increase.
Allow to customize and provide installation jigs according to the situation of the production line.
In addition, if there is a need to fix the device or measure the full width, it is possible to update and modify KAMAKIRI STS-LS.



Start-up and adjustment assistance for multiple lines with a single unit
Partial inspection at a focused position

Moving type for installation in accordance with the line

Traverse type that can measure any point


Functions specialized for partial inspection

System configuration suitable for continuous inspection for about 1 hour

Live monitoring
  • Retardation & main axis orientation display
  • Distribution updated real-time
  • Line profile along transversal direction
  • OK/NG decision
  • Available after saving data
  • [Analysis Elements]
    • Stats (max, min, ave, stdev)
    • Line profile along transversal direction
    • Line profile along conveyor direction
Model name
Major application
  • Partial Inspection
    Prototype line evaluation
System Features
  • 1. Simple configuration
    2. Live monitoring
    3. Possible to modify to STS
measurement item
  • Retardation, Principal axis orientation
Retardation measurement range
  • 0~260nm
Retardation repeatability
  • <士1nm 
    *Performance evaluated under our specified measurement conditions with a reference retardation plate
Principal axis orientation measurement range
  • 0~180°
Principal axis orientation repeatability
  • <土1° 
    *Repeatability for retardation values of 10 nm or higher
Center wavelength for measurement
  • 543nm 
    *Please contact us if you wish to change the center wavelength.
Number of measurement points
  • 424
Maximum measurement width at line scan
  • Approx. 600mm
    *Measurement width per one camera
Supported transport speed
  • ~30m/min
    *Please contact us if you wish to use a faster transfer speed.
Software [Japanese/English]
  • KAMAKIRI In-line Basic Software
Customization achievement
  • Traverse system for 2-meter film widths with a single camera
    Millimeter-order birefringence irregularity detection mode

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