In-line/off-line mapping-type birefringence measurement system


Desktop system suitable for sampling inspection and evaluation of developed products

KAMAKIRI X-stage is a compact desktop inspection system that is a line scan type. Since the basic algorithm is unified with the inline system, it can be used as an introductory machine before introducing the inline system.

Model name
  • KAMAKIRI X-Stage
Major application
  • Sampling Inspection
    Development product evaluation
System Features
  • 1. Minute strain evaluation
    2. High correlation with STS
    3. Possible to modify to STS
measurement item
  • Retardation, Principal axis orientation
Retardation measurement range
  • 0~260nm
Retardation repeatability
  • <士1nm 
    *Performance evaluated under our specified measurement conditions with a reference retardation plate
Principal axis orientation measurement range
  • 0~180°
Principal axis orientation repeatability
  • <土1 ※Repeatability when the phase difference value is 10 nm or more.
Center wavelength for measurement
  • 543nm 
    *Please contact us if you wish to change the center wavelength.
Number of measurement points
  • 424
Software [Japanese/English]
  • KAMAKIRI in-line basic software
Customization achievement
  • Large X-stage has been manufactured (1500mm width film can be measured in one scan)

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