In-line/off-line mapping-type birefringence measurement system


Observes dynamic birefringence changes with area scan

Conventional polarization measurement uses a point measurement, and the sampling speed is insufficient to measure dynamic changes.
KAMAKIRI MEM-AS is capable of high-speed area scanning.
In addition, it is possible to evaluate fluctuations in the extrusion flow of the resin, stretching speed, and uneven strength by using time-series data at any point.
Changes in the phase difference and main axis directional distribution can be saved as a moving image (AVI format), which is effective for explaining measurement data.


Phase difference at die exit
Fluctuation of orientation irregularity
Evaluation of birefringence
Evaluation of chuck peripheral behavior during stretching in a stretching machine

Model name
Major application
  • Developed product evaluation
System Features
  • 1. Measure dynamic phenomenon
    2.Attachable to various testing machines
    3. Possible to be modified to STS
Measurement item
  • Retardation, Principal axis orientation
Retardation measurement range
  • 0~260nm
Retardation repeatability
  • <士1nm 
    *Performance evaluated under our specified measurement conditions with a reference retardation plate
Principal axis orientation measurement range
  • 0~180°
Principal axis orientation repeatability
  • <土1° 
    *Repeatability for retardation values of 10 nm or higher
Center wavelength for measurement
  • 543nm 
    *Please contact us if you wish to change the center wavelength.
Number of measurement points
  • 424X340
Software [Japanese/English]
  • KAMAKIRI off-line basic software
Customization achievement
  • Provide dedicated mounting devices for customers' equipment (stretching machines and tensile testers)
    Attachment to microscope chain to view polymeric and crystalline structures

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