Photonic Crystal Polarizing Optical Components

Axial polarization conversion element SWP Series

A waveplate with 12 axial-azimuth regions that can realize axis-oriented polarization simply by inserting it into the optical path.
It converts linear polarization into radial (radial) or concentric (azimuthal) polarization.
The high transmittance achieves a conversion efficiency of almost 100%.
It is effective in optical tweezers, laser processing, etc.
Wavelength/size is available on request.

Part Number
  • SWP-405, SWP-532, SWP-1064
Operating wavelength
  • 405nm, 532nm, 1064nm
Retardation tolerance
  • +/-5%
  • ≧95%
Incident angle
  • Normal to +/- 10°
  • 1 mm
Diameter (effective area)
  • Φ7mm
Damage threshold
  • 10mW / 100 μm2 @ λ=355nm (typical)
Holder diameter
  • Φ 25.4mm

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