Operating Wavelength ranging from DUV to near Infrared

Operating wavelength can be chosen in the 250nm~1600nm range, for which we provide an optimal design given our customer requirements (specs).


Very Precise Control of Axis Orientation

We provide very accurate control for axis orientation of polarizers and waveplates, which can be tuned finely over the surface, in areas as small as a 1μm.


High Heat Resistance

The components are made of inorganic materials, making them very resistant to high-power light input. They are also heat-resistant, having almost no temperature dependence.


Optical Properties

With optional Anti-Reflection (AR) coatings, the elements exhibit very small absorption & diffusion, while providing high transparency. Moreover, phase plate elements are True-Zero Order, making them ideal for applications requiring small wave front perturbation, while providing very small dependence on incident angle.


Custom Polarizer & Phase Plates

Our products can be customized not only for the optical properties, but also for the shape and the spatial distribution of those properties. In particular, they can be made non-uniformly, having a segmented structure or a curved axis along the surface. Customization of the patterned polarizer/waveplate is welcome.


Half-Mirror Polarizer for Laser Cavity

Reflectivity for each polarization can be tuned separately. As a half-mirror in a laser resonance cavity, the element is used to generate and select the output polarization of the laser. Because of its inorganic nature, the element can withstand very high optical power.


True Zero Order Waveplate/Ultra-Violet Polarizers

Photonic crystal waveplates are reliable and perfect zero-order waveplates with small incident angle dependence.For example, a zero-order half-wave plate made of quartz for a wavelength of 266 nm in the ultraviolet region would be about 11 μm thick, but a photonic crystal is deposited on a quartz plate, making it easy to handle.


Ultra-thin waveplate for optical communications

It has insertion loss comparable to that of a quartz plate and can have multiple axial orientations on a single element.Compact and free polarization control can be realized in optical transceivers, optical modulators, receivers, and wavelength selective switches (WSS) in digital coherent systems.


Axial polarization conversion element SWP Series

A waveplate with 12 axial-azimuth regions that can realize axis-oriented polarization simply by inserting it into the optical path. It converts linear polarization into radial (radial) or concentric (azimuthal) polarization. The high transmittance achieves a conversion efficiency of almost 100%. It is effective in optical tweezers, laser processing, etc.


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