Heat generation at CFRP rupture

The temperature change of CFRP with a slit at the center when subjected to a tensile test was photographed by high-speed cooled infrared camera.
It can be seen that the temperature rises gradually due to the concentration of stress on both ends of the slit, and that the temperature distribution spreads along the fibers direction.

The strain inside the material due to tensile stress can be visualized indirectly from the surface temperature of the material.
The temperature at the moment of rupture was the highest, and the area where the material was torn showed an increase of about 40°C from the initial state.

As said by one of our customers,

Conventional thermal imaging cameras cannot capture the instantaneous temperature changes that occur at high speeds during rupture, but this camera can accurately evaluate the heat generated in a material at that instant.

The cooled infrared high-speed camera with its overwhelming sensitivity can visualize subtle temperature changes caused by slight deformation with a time resolution of less than 1ms, providing a tool for new discoveries in the evaluation of material properties.

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