PA/WPA-View additional featuresPA/WPA View version
32-bit only64-bit only
Standard Features Function to save the selected area data to CSV
Saving data at low resolution in smaller files
Cursor information included in recorded movie (movie recording function)
File format changed to MPEG-4 in the movie recording function
Movie recording function made standard (previously option)
Speed up of live retardation display of PA-View
Live cursor display (camera preview window) made standard (previously part of real-time analysis option)
Frame accumulation feature added to real-time retardation display (camera preview window)
Pause function added to camera preview window
Line/area analysis graphs can now be included in reports generated by report function
Fast/slow axis switching added in PA-View (previously WPA-View only feature)
Improvement of arrow display in expanded/full-screen view: arrows are now displayed with higher density
Hardware & config information now included in reports generated by report function
Preview feature added to report function
Manual "Auto Exposure" button added to real-time retardation display (camera preview window)
Maximum number of data windows increased to 16 (WPA only)
Grid display ON/OFF on camera preview window
[ ~]
Custom wavelength measurement for WPA (value and output selection)
Optional Features
※Available on purchase.
Data Processing functionSpatial frequency filter added
Arithmetic filter added
Stress calculator added
First release of the feature
Lens Analysis functionNew parameter "Diameter used for decision (%)" introduced in line extraction
First release of the “Lens Analysis” function
Remote Control functionLine and area analysis results can now be retrieved real-time
First release of the “Remote Control” function
WPA High-RetardationRelease of the “High-Retardation” option for WPA
Real-Time Analysis function
Release of the “Real-Time Analysis” function
WPA Chromatic Dispersion Mode (CD Mode)Release of the “Chromatic Dispersion Mode (CD Mode)” feature for WPA
Field-Of-View (FOV) Correction FunctionRelease of the “Field-Of-View (FOV) Correction” function
OthersDiagnosis tool for device connection added (trouble shooting)
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