High-Speed Polarized Interferometer

Unique interference system sustained by our original “CRYSTA Phase Optics”. The product includes software: “CRYSTA phase viewer” for system operation and “CRYSTA Phase Analysis” for advanced analysis of interference fringes. Its high-speed real-time capabilities allow the evaluation of fast-moving dynamic phenomena.

Model name
  • High-Speed Polarized Interferometer
Measurement Area range
  • 40×40mm, 80×80mm,160×160mm *Please contact us for wider area measurement
Phase Unwrapping Calculation
  • Available (high-speed mode, high-precision mode)
Focal position
  • Fixed
    *Changes to suit the subject are on request.
Maximum shooting distance
  • 7m
Measurement wavelength
  • 532nm
Maximum number of measurement points
  • 512×512pixels
Frame rate with maximum number of measurement points
  • 7,000fps
Maximum frame rate
  • 1,550,000fps
Minimum exposure time
  • 369nsec *Laser power should be confirmed
Memory size
  • 32GB
Digital interface
  • Gigabit Ethernet
Trigger mode
  • Manual trigger (Start, Center, End, etc.)
External signal input
  • Trigger signal (TTL/Switch), Sync signal
Software main features
  • Live playback, Frame rate setting, Exposure time setting, Trigger mode setting,
    Image loading, Monochrome data playback, Phase data playback,
    Phase unwrapping, Monochrome and phase image overlay, Data save
Bottom area
  • 600 x 450mm
    *50mmφ standard type, excluding target mirror on the subject side
  • 20kg~
    *Weight is subject to change when measuring range is expanded.
AC power supply
  • 100V ~ 240V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz, 120W
DC power supply
  • 22V ~ 32V、120VA
System Configuration
  • Polarization camera CRYSTA PI series
    Interference optics CRYSTA Phase Optics
    Control software CRYSTA Phase Viewer
    Analysis software CRYSTA Phase Analysis
    *Optical system can be arranged according to the subject.
    *Optics components can be exchanged by the user.

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  • #High-Speed Polarized Interferometer
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