◆ Photonic Crystal Polarizing Optical Components

Using state-of-the-art photonic crystal technology, we provide polarizers and phase shift elements, tailored to our customer needs.

  • Radial / Azimuthal Polarizers SWP Series
  • Deep Ultra-Violet (DUV) Polarizers and Phase Plates
  • Half-Mirror Polarizer for Laser Cavity
  • Custom Polarizer & Phase Plates

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◆ 2-D Birefringence Measurement System PA/WPA Series

PA/WPA series systems provide high-speed birefringence measurement of transparent materials, such as transparent parts for residual stress evaluation, or transparent films for the evaluation of phase uniformity.
Ranging from microscopic to macroscopic (~50cm), the field of view adapts to any measurement situation and there is a system for each size.

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◆ Near Infra-Red (NIR) 2D Birefringence Measurement System PA/WPA-NIR Series

Operating at 850nm wavelength, this system provides strong tools for process and quality control of pieces not transparent at visible wavelengths, such as special resins and chacolgenide, used for example in LIDAR and face recognition systems.

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◆Thin film thickness/refractive index ellipsometric measurement ME/SE Series

High-speed, non-destructive, high-accuracy measurement of thin film thickness & refractive index at high resolution is now possible.
We support quality management and process control with unprecedented data volume and software functionalities adaptable to your needs.

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◆ Polarization Imaging Camera PI/WPI Series

PI/WPI cameras are capable to obtain polarization information real-time, as a normal image, and at high-resolution.
They are used in many areas including recognition of dark objects using their polarization signature, real-time polarization monitoring of laser beams, etc.
In addition to PI capabilities of recording the Degree of Linear Polarization (DOLP) and main axis orientation angle, WPI provides full-fledged recording of the Stokes parameters and Degree of Polarization (DOP), which is necessary in partial polarization situations.

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