Software Download

You can download data viewer software bellow. There is one piece of software for each system-type. Download and double-click on the MSI installer. Then simply follow the instructions to install the software. Please read the license agreement carefully and accept the conditions before downloading. The software can be used without limitation concerning time or the number of computed allowed.

Recommended configuration

Windows 10 Professional 64bit (Japanese/English)
Core i3 Processer or faster
300MB free disk space
Video Display
1920 x 1080
※ If it still doesn’t work, please inquiry using the following information
– A summary of your computer specs (OS, memory, HD space, …)
– Attach the following file with your inquiry:
C:/ProgramData/Photonic Lattice//ERROR_LOG.txt
* is one of the following: PA/WPA/PI/ME/SE, depending on the product purchased.
Viewer software is provided as is, without any warranty,
thus we could not provide any further support,
nor can we promise that the problem will be fixed.
If the problem persists, please try again on a different device (PC).

Wide-Range 2D Birefringence Measurement System


  • WPA-200(-L/-XL)
  • WPA-200-MT
  • WPA-micro
  • WPA-100(-L/-XL)
  • WPA-100-S
WPA-View Ver. Japanese 64bit
size: 199.26 MB
md5: c9535af6165f4b1faf4e02121c9016a6
WPA-View Ver. English 64bit
size: 198.14 MB
md5: 6123e7b8dbe098adaa5f4d8b1fd052d6
WPA-View Ver. Japanese 32bit
size: 195.97 MB
md5: 04caf327167a8f679f0f59f18760d481
WPA-View Ver. English 32bit
size: 194.91 MB
md5: 3570b1ce4dadc62b136467597daed3aa

2D Birefringence Measurement System


  • PA-300(-L/-XL)
  • PA-300-MT
  • PA-Micro
  • PI-Micro
  • PA-200(-L/-XL)
  • PA-110(-S/-L/-t)
PA-View Ver. Japanese 64bit
size: 308.81 MB
md5: e3687fd202b9da9db6da6651a197d661
PA-View Ver. English 64bit
size: 305.96 MB
md5: 7d359a2701e3a12b5055e0da23ad4a14
PA-View Ver. Japanese 32bit
size: 183.99 MB
md5: d3643213c06b6f35c0df61fd07b7fffe
PA-View Ver. English 32bit
size: 182.17 MB
md5: 5b24c6ffe3120114b1367ac61a9f7c41

Polarization Imaging Camera


  • WPI-200
WPI-View Ver. Japanese 64bit
size: 138.82 MB
md5: 96b25de21408ddc0b24a9ecb8ae235cb
WPI-View Ver. English 64bit
size: 137.09 MB
md5: 8c9d6260ca234c1c644e9a2187aaba13


  • PI-300
PI-View Ver. Japanese 64bit
size: 380.63 MB
md5: 9a7d1d1aa9caca563f60a82612e40751
PI-View Ver. English 64bit
size: 337.27 MB
md5: fc9fef3091e969271f5f9564d26a70f3

High Speed Mapping Ellipsometer


  • ME-210(-T)
ME-View Ver. 日本語版 32bit
size: 82.32 MB
md5: 2b4197c4a8e428eee37b11a387ba75a7
ME-View Ver. 英語版 32bit
size: 79.71 MB
md5: 71c7f23594c463ce7b9a91dc1d670d0d
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