Software Download

You can download data viewer software bellow. There is one piece of software for each system-type. Download and double-click on the MSI installer. Then simply follow the instructions to install the software. Please read the license agreement carefully and accept the conditions before downloading. The software can be used without limitation concerning time or the number of computed allowed.

Recommended configuration

Windows 10 Professional 64bit (Japanese/English)
Core i3 Processer or faster
300MB free disk space
Video Display
1920 x 1080
※ If it still doesn’t work, please inquiry using the following information
– A summary of your computer specs (OS, memory, HD space, …)
– Attach the following file with your inquiry:
C:/ProgramData/Photonic Lattice//ERROR_LOG.txt
* is one of the following: PA/WPA/PI/ME/SE, depending on the product purchased.
Viewer software is provided as is, without any warranty,
thus we could not provide any further support,
nor can we promise that the problem will be fixed.
If the problem persists, please try again on a different device (PC).

Birefringence measurement systems


  • WPA-200(-L/-XL)
  • WPA-200-MT
  • WPA-micro
  • WPA-100(-L/-XL)
  • WPA-100-S
WPA-View Ver. Japanese 64bit
size: 191.40 MB
md5: 1dd81fd272d1a12b2f5bd52f05a6322e
WPA-View Ver. English 64bit
size: 190.49 MB
md5: db3d90c0e8ccae833f958a59782fbdcb
WPA-View Ver. Japanese 32bit
size: 195.74 MB
md5: c80d2c883bd1872660ac75fef4fdeccc
WPA-View Ver. English 32bit
size: 194.67 MB
md5: fc8f3e27d9805cf6b873c33d21d59a21


  • PA-300(-L/-XL)
  • PA-300-MT
  • PA-Micro
  • PI-Micro
  • PA-200(-L/-XL)
  • PA-110-t
PA-View Ver. Japanese 64bit
size: 301.05 MB
md5: 4e6130a8f673d80de20a9d8b2e819ade
PA-View Ver. English 64bit
size: 298.29 MB
md5: aa7879951eaa27a3b6f51c1ace54b998
PA-View Ver. Japanese 32bit
size: 183.77 MB
md5: d147f676781723d3516413e8e114c198
PA-View Ver. English 32bit
size: 181.94 MB
md5: af6418ad51f6b0b8d02b9c973c2366cc


  • WPI-200
WPI-View Ver. Japanese 64bit
size: 138.86 MB
md5: b8906a8adc86db0c99b3ba8f197c1bce
WPI-View Ver. English 64bit
size: 137.18 MB
md5: 0e68641dd2bb6bfb8ca134de213dc5e2


  • PI-300
PI-View Ver. Japanese 64bit
size: 380.80 MB
md5: 4c27e65c93c14b50a550245aa532fd0c
PI-View Ver. English 64bit
size: 337.48 MB
md5: 651a8ad7bcd101fed975711308bfe767

Thin-layer thickness measurement systems


  • ME-210(-T)
ME-View Ver. Japanese 32bit
size: 82.32 MB
md5: 2b4197c4a8e428eee37b11a387ba75a7
ME-View Ver. English 32bit
size: 79.71 MB
md5: 71c7f23594c463ce7b9a91dc1d670d0d