PA/WPA Series features

Simple Operation
High-Speed Operation

A very simple 3-step operation:
1.Insert the sample
2.Click on “measurement”
3.Data will display
As many as 5,000,000 data points are displayed (PA) within seconds.

Simple Operation/High-Speed Operation

PA/WPA Series features

Multiple Display & Analysis Functions
Dedicated software PA/WPA-View

Dedicated software PA-View & WPA-View provide many display and analysis functions to graph and compare multiple sets of data on a single screen.



PA/WPA Series features

A broad range of optional functionalities

Options such as change of field of view size, increase of the measurement range for high-retardation samples and various software analysis functionalities are available to extend PA/WPA, satisfying your needs.

Data Processing Function

Various filters, such as noise reduction or local variations enhancement etc., are provided to help your data analysis tasks. Configurable and multiple filters can be applied simultaneously.

Lens Analysis Function


Automatic detection of circular lens followed with OK/NG detection, based on user-based criteria related to statistics on the retardation and axis orientation within the lens area.

Real-time Decision Function

Real-time OK/NG decisions using criteria inherited from the lens analysis function (see above) are available. The resulting conformity information for each piece is displayed in real time, allowing use of this function for 100% inspection in high throughput environments such as manufacturing lines.

Real-time Analysis Function

Measurement time is virtually reduced to zero, as retardation information is displayed real-time at the camera refresh rate, and real-time refreshing of graphical functionalities allows getting statistical information at glance. This function is perfect for fast evaluation of pieces in high throughput environments, such as manufacturing lines.

High-Retardation Option

By changing the operating wavelengths, this option increases dramatically the measurement range of the WPA system, enabling evaluation of high-retardation materials.

Zoom Lens

This is an optional lens allowing zooming into smaller object that is too big to be evaluated with a microscopic type system.
It is optimal for smaller objects or to zoom into small areas of bigger objects, in order to dig into their detailed structures.

Chromatic Dispersion (CD) Mode

This option uses a different algorithm to evaluate retardation, by-passing the limitations which apply to samples that do not conform to a strict birefringence model (thick and/or complicated plastic molded parts, etc.), for which the standard algorithm tends to output erratic data.

Remote-Control Function

This is a software option to externally control the system, allowing to integrate the system into a larger manufacturing or testing infrastructure, for automated quality control.


PA/WPA Series features

A truly broad range of systems

A truly broad range of different systems are provided to satisfy our customers, depending on their specific needs:
Field Of View (size)
Tabletop type: Standard / L / XL size: from a few mm to A2 size
Microscopic type: Typically, a few μm square
Measurement range:
Lower range, but affordable PA
Full range WPA
High-Retardation Option for WPA
Inline integration
Modular type PA-MT and WPA-MT series

Tabletop Type

Microscopic Type

Compact Modular Type


PA/WPA Series features

PA Series

High-speed, high-resolution measurement of birefringence/retardation targeting the low measurement range (0~130nm), for example glass, optical lens, etc.
PA/WPA Series features

WPA Series

Using 3 wavelengths, WPA extends dramatically the range of measurement (up to 3500nm!) the system can target, hence enabling quantitative birefringence evaluation of plastic molded parts, transparent films, toughened glass etc.